Increase Your Sexual Performance Safely and Effectively with Acoustic Wave Therapy at the Woodlands, Texas Medical Center

Low sex drive and reduced libido can be an infuriating problem, however, our experienced stem cell therapy in Texas is dedicated to improving the lifestyle and well-being of all men. Our medical experts in the Woodlands, Texas medical center can guarantee you the most discrete and personalized service to treat your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) effectively. 

Improved sexual performance for men of all ages!

Men are living longer and healthier lifestyles, and intimacy is desired at a longer lifecycle than previous generations. Acoustic Wave Therapy is a revolutionary way to promote the generation of new blood cells that can boost sexual wellness and performance.

Men of all ages who have undergone a series of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) experienced significant improvement in the quality of their intercourse, and witnessed stronger erections. Under the medical supervision and guidance of our licensed staff, we can administer Acoustic Wave Therapy at varying depths and intensities, depending on your individual circumstance.

ESWT for ED is applied in low-intensity shockwaves to the penile tissue, generally lasting 20 minutes per treatment. The energy from the Acoustic Wave Therapy stimulates healthy cells to form and break down the old and dull cells responsible for ED. Patients have experienced vast sexual performance improvement in as little as three treatments, as their penile tissues became stronger and they were able to maintain longer-lasting erections. 

The use of Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED decreases the need for prescription medications and invasive injections to improve sexual performance, while treatments have been proven to have longer-lasting effects than other sexually enhancing oral medications.

The benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy

The advantages of Acoustic Wave therapy treatments are numerous, aside from enhancing sexual performance in men of all ages. Here are some additional benefits that patients have reported over the course of several treatments:

  • Increased control of muscle spasms that arise during sleep or during a fitness activity
  • Reduced inflammation in the targeted area
  • Sped up the healing process, allowing for increased mobility and less muscle stiffness
  • Improved quality of life and faster recovery time

How long does it take for Acoustic Wave Therapy to work for ED?

Depending on the severity of your condition, and your health history, individual treatment times will depend. Some patients have reported increased sexual performance within two treatments, while others needed five to six treatments to see improved results. 

Generally, it takes the average patient 16 weeks to experience the full benefits of Acoustic Wave therapy. While it’s impossible to predict the exact times and relief periods for your case, it is important to know that everyone reacts differently to treatments.

Our medical experts can properly analyze your situation, and provide you with the most accurate periods for success.

Is Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment painful? 

One of the greatest benefits to Acoustic Wave therapy treatments is that it does not have any painful effects during or after treatment. Most patients have reported that they do not feel any discomfort during the course of their sessions, while a minority have reported minimal discomfort that fades within an hour of completion of the treatment. 

During the treatment, most patients have reported that they feel temporary numbness to the penile area, due to the hyperstimulation of the cells. Due to increased blood flow and the breakdown of dull tissue, penile tissue will be accelerated and enhanced blood flow will occur.

We are dedicated to helping men of all ages at the Woodlands Medical Center in Texas!

It’s time to enjoy healthy sex life and enjoy the benefits of a healthy sexual performance! We offer affordable treatment plans that are customized for your success. We are constantly aiming to help our patients overcome obstacles and achieve their optimal lifestyle through enhanced sexual performance. 

Speak with one of our medical experts today and explore your options.

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