Lower Back Pain

Regenerative Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain can typically last for several months, or even longer, if the proper procedures are not administered. It can make getting out of bed difficult for certain people and can limit your mobility and strength on a daily basis. Lower back pain can originate from an injury or gradual degeneration of discs in your back. Rather than undergoing invasive surgery or taking medication, you should consider regenerative therapy to help relieve your lower back pain. 


At Regenerative Revival, we offer regenerative therapy treatment through tissue-derived allografts that are intended to help your body heal injured tissue in your lower back. It targets the issues at its root cause rather than masking the symptoms through temporary relief. Initial improvement and reduction in lower back pain may be experienced quickly, with continued healing progress being met in follow-up treatment sessions. 


Early research studies have shown regenerative therapies to be very effective at providing long-lasting lower back pain relief. It is a much quicker process than traditional surgery and requires little to no downtime afterwards. You should promptly treat your lower back pain and injuries related to it before the condition worsens and becomes irreversible. 


Contact Regenerative Revival today to learn more about how our experienced medical team can help provide pain relief for your lower back. Book a free consultation with us now to start mitigating further damage to the area and getting back to feeling yourself again!  

Does Regenerative Therapy Work For Lower Back Pain?

Regenerative therapy has so far been an effective, alternative treatment option for lower back pain. When used in conjunction with other rehab treatments or medication, regenerative therapy can work wonders on any affected area of your body. 


One way regenerative therapy works is by using cells from other parts of your body to heal damaged tissues. These cells can be harvested from your bone marrow, an umbilical cord, or other areas rich in nutrients and healthy cells in your body. It is combined with special platelets and plasma and re-added into your lower back area. From there, the new cells help repair and replace damaged tissues without the use of a surgical knife. 


Regenerative therapy also deals with Inflammation on your lower back. As your body heals, the inflammation will gradually go down, taking away any pain or discomfort during the process. Tissue-derived allografts release special biochemicals and nutrients that regulate the inflammatory response and trigger healing properties from your body’s cells. 


Your lower back has vertebral discs that have very limited blood supply. This means they don’t get enough oxygen and blood flow to mitigate any pain it’s causing.  With regenerative therapy, it helps boost your body’s natural healing system using something it already has. As such, it can be a very useful treatment option for those dealing with chronic lower back pain. 

Relieve the Pain Associated With Your Lower Back Injury Today!

Who Is A Good Candidate For Regenerative Lower Back Pain Therapy?

Anyone dealing with lower back pain symptoms or chronic back pain is a good candidate for regenerative therapy. Medical history and the severity of the pain should be taken into account before we move forward on this treatment option.  


If you are in need of a more natural solution towards pain relief for your lower back, we recommend you consult with our Regenerative Medicine Expert to discuss your specific issues. We can provide an official diagnosis, plan a detailed approach, and follow-up with you on the right treatment plan for you! 

What Are The Risks of Regenerative Therapy For Lower Back Pain?

Regenerative therapy is a fairly safe procedure for people with chronic lower back pain. However, these are some minor side effects and risks involved that may only affect a rare amount of patients. Each side effect has a different level of severity to them and can be anything from a small flu lasting 24-28 hours to a minor infection. In extremely rare cases, regenerative therapy may lead to some small bleeding, nerve inflammation, or tissue pain. 


If you are feeling feverish or uncomfortable after a treatment session, speak with our medical team right away so that we can monitor your symptoms and provide any relief we can offer.

How Much Does Regenerative Therapy For Lower Back Pain Cost?

The cost of regenerative therapy depends on the severity of the patient’s lower back pain, as well as the type of treatment being provided. Other factors such as the medical center location, the type of medical professional, and specific needs and circumstances are also taken into account. 


The reasons why regenerative therapy can be costly for some people is because of the initial research and development costs involved. To mitigate some of them, we will be clear and transparent with you about our costs regarding our procedures. We will work with you on a fair pricing and repayment plan to ensure you receive first-class treatment first and foremost. 

The initial costs of regenerative therapy can be more beneficial than the long-term costs and concerns connected to chronic lower back pain.

Does My Insurance Cover Regenerative Therapy?

Private insurance companies do not cover regenerative therapy treatments because of their experimental and uncertain status. Most often, patients will usually pay out-of-pocket for some of these medical expenses. We do hope regenerative therapy and tissue-derived allografts are covered in the future, so that those who need the treatment are able to. 


Contact Regenerative Revival today to learn how we can work with you on a fair repayment plan. Book a free consultation with us now to learn how regenerative therapy may help alleviate your lower back pain. 

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