Mitigating Neuropathy Symptoms With Professional Regenerative Treatments

  • February 22, 2022
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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that often leaves parts of your body with a numbness or tingling sensation after some time. It is often a problem that stems from issues revolving around your body’s nervous system and the neurons around the brain and spinal cord. When the neurons are damaged or destroyed, it can interfere with the nerve signals that communicate bodily function to the brain. 

As part of neuropathy treatment, our team at Regenerative Revival provides patients with safe, professional medical treatments to alleviate the condition’s symptoms and help them live a better life. We recognize that issues such as peripheral nerve disorders can affect many people in their lifetimes, but are confident that we can offer helpful relief when it counts. 

To better understand the effects of neuropathy and how professional medical treatments can help alleviate symptoms, we will explain how it affects an individual’s life and methods to prevent further progression. We will also detail ways in which serious symptoms can be mitigated with assistance from us.

How Does Neuropathy Affect An Individual’s Life?

For patients dealing with neuropathy, the condition often targets three important nerve functions of your body, significantly changing an individual’s lifestyle. It can greatly inhibit the sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves from your brain to the spinal cord.

Sensory nerves often affect your main five senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Nerve signals help you feel an object’s texture, temperature, and pain tolerance. When the nerve signals are crossed up, you’ll experience numbness and lose all sensation.

Motor nerves are functions that deal with nerve signals from the brain to the muscles. It can dictate how and when to contract movement whenever an action is performed. Issues as a result of neuropathy can often include common aches, pains, and muscle spasms if left untreated.

Lastly, autonomic nerves help work body functions outside your control like breathing, digestion, heart rate, libido, blood pressure, sweating, and so much more. These nerves respond and monitor your body’s external stresses and needs, such as controlling your body temperature as it rises because of exercise.

Very often, the type of symptoms you experience because of neuropathy depends on what is damaged and the extent of it. The most significant symptoms that can affect your life include the loss of sensation in your hands and feet, reduced muscle control and tone, or a sudden loss of balance. Sharp, throbbing pain is another common experience of neuropathy, as well as hot flashes, weight loss, and dysfunctional sexual libido. General weakness in certain body parts, dizziness, and clumsiness are symptoms to look out for when dealing with neuropathy.

Although some symptoms may be isolated and short term, it may also progress into more serious conditions. Next, we will explore how to stop neuropathy from getting worse.

How Do You Stop Neuropathy From Progressing?

A cure-all solution for neuropathy does not currently exist, but our team of professionals will employ safe, advanced medical treatments to prevent symptoms from progressing into more serious issues.

Most often, a doctor will prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers to mitigate some of the symptoms we previously described. What you will need to take largely depends on what you are feeling and how it is affecting your daily life. We strongly recommend having a detailed conversation with a doctor or medical professional before suggesting any possible medications.

Special injections and patches may also provide symptom relief and help stop neuropathy from progressing any further. If the symptoms are so serious that it is significantly affecting your lifestyle, surgery may be performed to address damaged nerves or repair injured body parts.

For less intrusive and natural options, making some lifestyle health choices can help slow down the progression of neuropathy. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your muscles strong and supply your nerves with a consistent level of oxygen and nutrients to function healthily. Try eating a more balanced diet and stay within your ideal weight range. Keep alcoholic drinks to a bare minimum, take vitamins, and avoid bad habits such as smoking. This will help you avoid toxins and avoid complications from other underlying conditions you may be dealing with.

How Can Neuropathy Symptoms Be Alleviated?

Now that we have explained ways to prevent neuropathy progression, here are some ways its symptoms can be alleviated.

If you decide to take prescribed medication, be sure it doesn’t interact with other elements you may be taking. Topical ointments, patches, and creams can also relieve pain symptoms associated with neuropathy. In addition to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, you can also explore stress relief therapies such as meditation, relaxation techniques, massage, and acupuncture.

At Regenerative Revival, we will offer our patients many different treatment options to help mitigate the symptoms of neuropathy. Among the professional medical services we offer range from neurolight therapy, vibration therapy, peripheral nerve block injections, and much more.

Contact us at Regenerative Revival today and book a free consultation to ask us questions about Medical Treatments for Neuropathy. Take charge of your symptoms by working with us now.

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