Priapus Shot ED Therapy | Sexual Wellness

The Priapus Shot is based on PRP therapy which uses a concentration of your own platelets to be reintroduced into your body, taking advantage of the platelets’ natural healing ability. These platelets naturally respond to wounds and are involved in mechanisms like blood clotting. PRP has been explored as an option for muscle and joint injury recovery, and even chronic health conditions.

Peyronie’s Disease while only affecting 5-10% of men, if left untreated can led to ED and serious issues. By using platelets to go in and heal scar tissue and increase blood flow the Priapus Shot can be a very effective solution to treating Peyronie’s Disease. Some options on the market are lacking effectiveness for many men. When prescription drugs or certain prescription drugs don’t seem to be doing the trick the Priapus Shot can step up the plate. The majority of ED cases are actually caused by a lacking blood flow; so this treatment can be a perfect fit to solving the cause.

Avoid unwanted side-effects. Turn to a natural ED treatment!

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