Priapus Shot for ED

Priapus Shot for ED

Priapus Shot ED Therapy

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot is based on PRP therapy which uses a concentration of your own platelets to be reintroduced into your body, taking advantage of the platelets’ natural healing ability. These platelets naturally respond to wounds and are involved in mechanisms like blood clotting. PRP has been explored as an option for muscle and joint injury recovery, and even chronic health conditions. 

Priapus Shot has been looked at to treat such things as Peyronie’s disease (which creates scar tissue along the penis making it curve when erect), erectile dysfunction (ED), lichen sclerosis, and the general enhancement of sexual performance, function and orgasms.

How Does the Priapus Shot Work?

Platelets have been found to be the body’s natural healers, holding  “growth factors” that are important to certain functions like promoting blood vessel formation and stimulating specialized cells.

Priapus Shot uses growth factors & proteins that are used by platelets to heal an injury to activate specialized cells, boost cell repair, and boost regeneration in the body. This helps to promote new blood vessels and collagen production to aid in tissue repair.

The injection goes directly to the target area with platelet cells that start to right away revitalizing tissue, muscle, and nerves. This helps to improve the health of penile tissue and boost the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow.

Why Try Priapus Shot?

This treatment offers a fully non-surgical, drug-free, all-natural potential solution for your ED and Peyronie’s disease worries. Even if you just have performance worries, men of any age can benefit from the Priapus Shot.

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What Does Treatment Feel Like?

Most people report back that the treatment is nearly painless and discomfort free. Typically; the area is numbed either with creams and then after 15 minutes the work starts.  Most people don’t experience any feeling during treatment.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Anyone suffering from Peyronie’s disease or ED can be a great candidate for the Priapus Shot. It can even work congruently with other treatments, such as Cialis or Viagra, to increase effectiveness.

For people with erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues, prostate issues, or other issues not specifically related to the functionality of the penis then it is recommended the have the underlying cause looked after first before the tissue.

What Can You Expect During
Priapus Shot Treatment?

Treatment is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning that you can go in and receive treatment and be out later on without worries. Some people may want a day off to receive the Priapus Shot treatment but this isn’t necessary.

After the cream is applied to numb the area a blood sample will be taken to separate and isolate the PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Then PRP will be injected, usually finishing quickly in a couple of minutes. A penis pump may be given if you received an injection into the shaft. This helps draw blood to the penis and ensure the PRP is working. After that, you are all done and set to go home!  Many people go back home in an hour or less.

What are the Side Effects &
Advantages of Priapus Shot?

Side effects are minimal if at all, and typically go away within a week of treatment. You may experience some swelling, bruises, or redness at most. The Priapus Shot has significant benefits from taking advantage of the power of platelet-rich plasma including:

  • A simple, in-office procedure that is done quickly
  • Increase sensation
  • Increase pleasure
  • Increase the quality of erections
  • Improves the intensity of orgasms
  • Increase ability to maintain erections & stamina
  • Potentially enhance other therapies like Cialis or Viagra
  • Treat lichen sclerosis
  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease
  • Little to no side effects

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