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Regenerative medicine is a constantly developing medical process that has been able to heal parts of the body effectively. The process takes advantage of the healing properties of stem cells to address and fix issues in areas like your knees, hips, or shoulders. 

Bursitis is a chronic pain condition that targets the small fluid sacs that buffer the joints in your body, causing them to get inflammed. The most common areas that are affected are the shoulders, hips and elbows.

This makes regenerative medicine for shoulder cuff pain and regenerative medicine for bursitis pain ideal. Our clinic in The Woodlands, TX, offers the highest quality products to assess your needs and make you feel your best. Our detailed research in the benefits of stem cells give us the confidence to relieve you of any chronic pain or condition. 

We’re a pain management clinic in The Woodlands, Texas area and are offering free consultations of our services. Here, we’ll go over how regenerative medicine will relieve shoulder and rotator cuff pain, as well as its many benefits. 


Does Regenerative Medicine Work for a Torn Rotator Cuff?

A torn rotator cuff often comes in as a condition called Rotator Cuff Tendonitis. This is when the shoulder tendon becomes sore and irritated, with the tendons breaking down if left untreated for a certain period of time. 

There is a growing body of research and evidence that suggests regenerative medicine to be effective in healing damage in the rotator cuff and preventing further damage. With traditional surgical reconstruction of a rotator cuff, the failure rates vary in numbers, ranging from 13% to 94%. 

Regenerative medicine aims to simplify the process while also delivering results. It is an ideal medical process that heals and restores the fibrocartilaginous transition area and damage along the tendons. The process stimulates the body’s healing process by signaling its growth factors, building up collagen precursors, and integrating stem cells to an area of injury. 


What are the Benefits of Regenerative Medicine? 

Regenerative medicine has been used as a successful alternative to traditional surgeries and prescriptions. As such, they are shown to be effective in treating a torn rotator cuff or shoulder pain. Our team will work with you to determine the cause and severity of your injury and will detail a plan to treat or manage the pain. 

If you engage in activities involving repetitive arm movements, then the benefits of this process outweigh the risks involved with them. With a minimally invasive procedure, regenerative medicine may relieve shoulder pain and reverse joint damage. Moreover, you’ll experience little to no pain and limited downtime after the process is over. .

The benefits of regenerative medicine targets the root cause of pain in the shoulder area. As a result, you’ll experience enhanced healing and reduced pain. You’ll also get increased functionality in the body part by promoting the production of collagen. The tendons and tissues surrounding the joints are strengthened, increasing your range of motion and flexibility in action.

Another benefit of regenerative medicine is a faster recovery time. Several growth factors are used to kickstart the healing processes in the body’s tissues and tendons, leading to faster results and improvements. It also reduces your risk of future injuries and pain in the same shoulder area because of how collagen tightens and strengthens the body’s joints and tendons. 


Is Regenerative Medicine Right for Me? 

The choice is ultimately yours if you feel that regenerative medicine is right for you, especially if you are dealing with a shoulder injury. In addition to the benefits we emphasized, we’ll work closely with you post-treatment to ensure everything goes smoothly. 


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We Are a Certified Regenerative Medicine Bursitis Pain Clinic in The Woodlands, TX

Regenerative Medicine can be a medical boon for people looking for treatments for acute pain or chronic conditions. Whether it’s your shoulder or rotator cuff, our team at Regenerative Revival will work with you to determine the best plan to address your medical needs. 


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