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  • September 15, 2020
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Chronic pain in the foot and ankle joints can cause problems for people who typically lead active lives. Traditional surgery can be invasive and usually involve complicated steps to ensure a full recovery. That is why many in the medical community are turning to regenerative medicine to help resolve the common symptoms of foot pain. 

Regenerative Revival is a pain management center based in The Woodlands, Texas. We specialize in regenerative medicine for foot pain and helping improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions. We want to showcase the benefits and successful results of regenerative medicine. 

We will go over how this process works, who is an ideal candidate for the treatment, and what you can expect from Regenerative Revival. To learn more, you can call us at (281)-475-6656. In the meantime, we will let you know why we are the best medical center to relieve your recurring foot pain. 


What is Regenerative Medicine? 

Regenerative medicine involves replacing or restoring human cells, tissues, or organs to their original function. The process usually starts with the growing of tissues and organs in a laboratory before implanting them in the affected area. 

Regenerative medicine utilizes stem cells to help regrow and repair damaged parts of your body. These stem cells are typically harvested from your own body and cultivated in a laboratory. As a result, regenerative medicine has been used in a variety of medical applications such as knee, shoulder, foot, and hip pain. 

We are excited about the prospects of regenerative medicine and will go over how it can relieve the pain felt in your feet and ankles. 


How Can It Help Foot Pain?

Any healthy male and female is an ideal candidate for regenerative medicine. More specifically, if you are struggling with foot or ankle pain, regenerative medicine can be much more helpful for you than conventional surgery. This can be especially true if you’re between the ages of 60-80. 

Some common symptoms of foot pain include difficulties in walking, tender joints, misshapen ankles and toes, and numbness or tingling in the feet. By relying on regenerative medicine, the new implanted parts in your body can work to repair and restore function in your feet, eliminating any pain or discomfort. 

We hope that in the future, regenerative medicine can replace traditional medical surgeries and treatment for foot pain and chronic conditions, removing any complicated processes or post-surgical painkillers. The procedure is simple and non-invasive overall and is an effective way of relieving foot or ankle pain. 


What are the Benefits of Regenerative Medicine? 

The most important benefit of regenerative medicine is enhanced healing and reduced pain in the recovery process. You will start feeling more functionality of your affected body part because it targets the root cause of your pain. Moreover, you will experience a faster recovery due to the procedure because the implanted parts can cooperate with your body to help heal it. The growth factors from the new cells jumpstarts the regenerative process in your tissues and tendons. 

Additionally, the collagen from the stem cells tightens and strengthens the joints and tendons in the foot, leading to a reduced risk of future injuries and pain. The benefits of regenerative medicine far outweigh any risks and is a good investment for treating lingering foot and ankle pain. 


Interested in Regenerative Medicine? Contact Regenerative Revival Now!

If you are interested in learning more about regenerative medicine and how we can help you with conditions such as foot pain, our staff is always on the clock to help new patients. You can set up an appointment by calling us at (281)-475-6656. You can also use our contact form if you wish to send us any thoughts, questions, or concerns. 

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