Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Injury: How Stemcell Treatment Can Prevent Surgery

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  • February 3, 2021
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Chronic pains affecting your shoulder and rotator cuff tendons can hinder you from doing simple daily tasks. Active motions including driving, playing sports, washing dishes, or lifting boxes can be painful and difficult. Our regenerative medicine center for rotator cuff pain in the Woodlands, Texas will help you restore your movement through revolutionary stemcell treatment injections.

Regenerative Revival is a progressive PRP treatment center in the Woodlands, Texas that has helped patients suffering from tendon and muscle inflammation get back to a pain-free lifestyle. We offer stem cell therapy that effectively treats the irritated shoulder tendons and joints to prevent harsh surgeries.

Here is how we can help you alleviate your negative symptoms and potentially help you avoid complicated rotator cuff surgery.


How Does Regenerative Medicine Work in Treating Shoulder-Related Injuries?

Shoulders injuries are increasingly more popular in the US, with 600,000 Americans suffering rotator cuff injuries that need to undergo complicated surgeries. We are dedicated to helping you avoid surgery with our stemcell treatment medical expertise.

Through years of ongoing progressive medical research, we have perfected the stemcell treatment to reverse the effects of shoulder-related injuries. Our treatments aim to repair the rotator cuff’s regenerative potential by activating its own cells to reproduce healthy cells in replacement of damaged ones. By implementing your body’s own repairing mechanisms, stemcell treatments boost the activation of regenerative cells to grow and distribute amongst the targeted area.

Adult stem cells have the advantage of restoring themselves and transforming themselves into other tissue. They serve to repair chronic membrane damage that has resulted from injuries and the effects of aging.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) create a high amount of fibrocartilage and adipose tissue that can transform into other bone, cartilage, fat cells, and muscle. MSCs can replace damaged cells at the targeted area and repair inflamed tissue, alleviating patients from ongoing negative symptoms.  


How Stemcell Treatments Prevent the Need for Surgery

Traditional rotator cuff treatments include physical therapy, surgery, and steroid injections that have a large recovery time. Aside from a lengthy recovery time, these alternatives can be expensive and painful.

Surgery is the most common form of treating negative symptoms of shoulder injuries. However, it is not an approachable option for most patients as recovery time is up to 6 months and the first 6 weeks include a shoulder sling that impairs your body’s motion. 

Stem cell treatments are a much more viable option as it can combat the potential need for surgery. The treatment process lasts on average between 30 to 45 minutes with minimal pain experienced by the patient. In that time, the doctor extracts tissue from a high-volume tissue area such as the arm or thigh and inject it in the targeted rotator cuff area. Most patients require no downtime after the procedure and are able to return to their daily activities shortly after.

Chronic and severe shoulder-related injuries must always be under the supervision of a specialized physician. Stemcells treatments are a positive deterrent to complicated surgery in most patients. 


Stemcell Treatment Financing Plans and Costs

If you are currently experiencing excruciating pain related to the rotator cuff or torn shoulder ligaments, you should seek our medical expertise immediately. The costs of stemcell treatments can be discussed with our professionals as they will advise you on the best financial course of action.

We provide affordable financing plans that will reduce your economic burdens and our medical experts are available for a free consultation to discuss treatment methods to provide you with accurate professional advice.


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