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Sexual Wellness Therapy

Sexual wellness is a critical component for embracing your confidence, creating a strong bond with your partner, and enhancing your lifestyle. Low sexual performance can affect people of all different ages, so it is essential to tackle the problem safely. Whether you are an individual that is struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or a woman with a low sexual drive, regenerative medicine provides a unique approach to help you address your sexual performance and give you superior results.


Our highly trained medical staff will treat your sexual wellness case with the highest level of discretion and professionalism. We’ll conduct and tailor a custom treatment program towards your success, so you can reach your goals and regain your confidence!

Priapus Shot ED Therapy

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot is based on PRP therapy which uses a concentration of your own platelets to be reintroduced into your body, taking advantage of the platelets’ natural healing ability. These platelets naturally respond to wounds and are involved in mechanisms like blood clotting. PRP has been explored as an option for muscle and joint injury recovery, and even chronic health conditions. 

Priapus Shot has been looked at to treat such things as Peyronie’s disease (which creates scar tissue along the penis making it curve when erect), erectile dysfunction (ED), lichen sclerosis, and the general enhancement of sexual performance, function and orgasms.

Acoustic Wave ED Therapy

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a comfortable and safe treatment for men of all ages that is wholly non-surgical and drug-free for improving sexual performance and experiencing better stronger erections. Acoustic wave therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwave technology to boost blood flow to the penis; helping to manage Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms.

Based on over 30 clinical studies, acoustic wave therapy protocol uses a protocol designed for both safety and optimal results.

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What Can Affect Your Sexual Performance?

If you feel like your sexual health has not been what you had hoped, our experienced medical team can help you identify the factors that may be affecting your performance. We perform an extensive evaluation of your health, which will include past, current, and family medical history, your symptoms, and your objectives for your sexual wellness.

Sexual performance is a complex issue, and any number of circumstances can, directly and indirectly, affect your sexual wellness, including;

  • Physical trauma
  • Stress
  • Your mental and emotional health
  • Poor circulation
  • Hormone levels
  • Nerve health
  • Sleeping conditions
  • Testosterone deficiencies
  • Surgical trauma or complications

Reaching Healthy Sexual Wellness As A Woman

Aging, childbirth, menopause, and difficulty climaxing can decrease sexual satisfaction in women. That’s why it’s important to address the issues of a low sex drive quickly to help you restore sensation and natural lubrication, as well as prevent urinary incontinence. Our team will make you feel comfortable during your treatment, as well as advise you on the best path of after-care. We can help you:


  • Rejuvenate your vagina if you have given birth
  • Enhance vaginal sensitivity and produce stronger, more frequent orgasms
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Help you have stronger and longer orgasms

Experience An Improved Sexual Performance With Progressive Functional Medicine

Regenerative medicine has been an innovative breakthrough for men’s sexual wellness. Through our wide range of regenerative treatments, our patients have reported:

  • Harder and stronger erections
  • Enhanced sensation and pleasure
  • A longer sexual performance
  • Boosted libido and sexual desire for their partners
  • Increased confidence inside and outside the bedroom
  • Less reliance on sexual enhancement drugs

Our Regenerative Treatments Will Help You Regain Your Confidence!

Unlike complicated surgeries and ED medications, regenerative medicine uses your body’s own plasma, so there is a very limited risk of an allergic reaction or adverse side effects. Our professional team can answer all your questions and concerns regarding your treatment, and provide you with accurate timelines for your success. Additionally, we can also advise you on how many treatments you will need to see positive results and work out an affordable financing plan. You can experience:

  • Drug and laser-free
  • Simple, in-office procedures
  • No downtime
  • Non-invasive with minimal risks and low chances of side-effects

We offer affordable treatment plans that are customized for your success. We are constantly aiming to help our patients overcome obstacles and achieve their optimal lifestyle through enhanced sexual performance. 

Speak with one of our medical experts today and explore your options.

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