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Regenerative medicine products are an excellent alternative in treating all kinds of existing ailments and conditions. One of the emerging regenerative treatments we offer is a revolutionary product called Signature Cord.

Regenerative Revival is a specialized Signature Cord clinic in The Woodland, Texas area, working with only the highest quality products from Signature Biologics. Here, we’ll talk about the benefits of Signature Cord and what ailments it can help you with.

We have a thorough medical process and follow all regulatory compliance rules to ensure your utmost safety during the procedures.


What is Signature Cord Therapy? 

Signature Cord products come from a mother’s isolated Wharton’s Jelly tissue and is commonly used as a cushioning agent for homologous supplementation of the body. They are only harvested from healthy, pre-screened full-term C-Section births in the United States.

Signature Cord is taken from discarded umbilical cord tissue following some minimally invasive procedures. Since the umbilical cord links the mother and the fetus, the jelly tissue does not contain any harmful antigens connected with the body’s immune system. It is a natural source of growth factors and hyaluronic acid that helps heal the body from injury or pre-existing conditions.

Our process for Signature Cord does not change the regenerative properties of the umbilical cord. We work to maintain the integrity of the source material that is required for healthy tissue repair.


How Can Signature Cord and Regenerative Medicine Help?

Signature Cord words extensively to restore the integrity and function of deteriorated tissue and organs. This has the potential to create sustainable solutions for organs that become permanently damaged, either as a result of time or injury.

Regenerative medical products like Signature Cord are slowly improving the quality of life for patients all over the world. In fact, researchers and medical professionals have worked with this technology over the years to create brand new body parts from cells and tissues. Continued success stories like these not only advance the industry but also create new treatments.

Our goal in working in regenerative medicine is to cure previously untreatable injuries and diseases one day at a time. We believe products like Signature Cord will properly maintain the body in a healthy manner, to the point that complete replacement of organs will no longer be needed.


How We Measure and Track Signature Cord Products

Signature Cord is available for use in a variety of concentrations based upon your tissue weight. The rough estimate for this contains around 75 mg of tissue per mL for the patient. Signature Cord products are also available in two types of filtration: Standard and Micro.

Standard Signature Cord products can pass through a 21 gauge or larger needle. Micro signature cord products can go through a 25 gauge or larger needle for the process.

To ensure patient safety, we make sure that donor selection, tissue recovery, and processing meet or exceed all levels of industry standards. Moreover, Signature Cord is compliant under Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act and is regulated as a human cell and tissue product for exclusive homologous use.

For the delivery of our product, our tissue is cryopreserved in 10% DMSO for storage below -65 ̊C. The product thaws in a gloved hand less than 5 minutes during application.


Learn More About Signature Cord Therapy

Our team at Regenerative Revival is dedicated to progressing medicine and quality care in our specialized field. If you’d like to learn more about our products, you can call us at (281)-475-6656 or send us a message on our contact page.

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