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The hip is one of the most important parts in your body, connecting your upper half with your lower half. As a result of aging or injury, the hip can be damaged and, in turn, require surgery to fix or replace it entirely. There is, however, a new alternative treatment involving stem cells that starts to properly repair your hip. 

We at Regenerative Revival believe stem cells can advance many medical treatments and practices today. We’re a stem cell treatment center located in The Woodlands, Texas. We work with the highest quality products to ensure the best safety and health treatment. 

We’ll go over the process and benefits of regenerative medicine for hip pain and how this process is a great alternative treatment to traditional surgery. If you want to learn more now, feel free to call us at (281)-475-6656. 


How Stem Cell Therapy Works for Hips

Stem cells are usually developed and grown in labs to repair damaged tissue and joints in your body. They are raw materials that divide to form new cells and tissue in the affected area. For hips specifically, stem cells relieve pain in the area and help improve healing naturally in the process. 

Stem cells have the ability to create unique cell structures regrows and heal any damaged cartilage and reduce inflammation. The procedure is usually done through the use of syringe injections after stem cells and other substances are separated from the blood in your bone marrow. 

Afterwards, the effects of the treatment can be gradual and most people see results in hip improvement in around 2-6 weeks. Some of the hip conditions stem cell therapy can work effectively on include Osteonecrosis and Labrum tears among others. 


Stem Cell Therapy vs Hip Surgery

If you’re considering which medical treatment is right for your hip problems, always be sure to consult with your doctor first before moving on with any procedure. Stem cell therapy overall has many benefits and advantages over traditional surgery. 

In addition to the risks and complications, traditional hip surgery may require you to deal with long term pain management if the procedure does not go as well as expected. Months of rehab and pain relief can follow after this procedure, whereas stem cell therapy is relatively easy and flexible. 

Recovery time for stem cell therapy is usually quick and easy and followed up with many consultations with your doctor and medical team. Overall, stem cells have the unique ability to adapt with your body and change its properties to repair damaged areas. 


Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for Me?

It’s ultimately up to you whether you believe stem cell therapy is the right solution for your hip. Since the treatment is still considered experimental by the scientific community, insurance companies will not generally cover the expenses. 

Stem cells have had a great track record for people who undergo several different surgeries and treatments. Most people have seen successful results from stem cell treatment, although it may not be for everyone. These results can last usually from a month to two years, depending on the kind of treatment and the area that is treated. 

Stem cell therapy may be a viable option for those reluctant to undergo traditional hip surgery. It is an alternative treatment with many benefits and an easy process worth taking into consideration. 


Trust a Leading Stem Cell Therapy Center in The Woodlands

Our team at Regenerative Revival is dedicated to advancing access and quality medical care with regards to regenerative medicine. We offer many products in this field of study that may interest you. To learn more about booking a free consultation, feel free to call us at (281)-475-6656 or send us a message on our contact form.

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