Stem Cell Treatment Center for Knee Pain: Why It’s More Effective Than Surgery

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  • October 21, 2020
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Surgery has been a mainstay treatment for osteoarthritis, especially for the knees but stem cells have been a rising treatment option cand more evidence is coming out that it could a better treatment option for many people out there suffering.

Regenerative Revival is ready to give you confident and informed stem cell treatment at our center for your knee pain. We have been following stem cell technology and treatment advancements closely to properly give our patients the latest and best for their conditions. As a PRP treatment center, we are experienced in the world of taking advantage of our bodies won natural healing abilities and using it to its full effect to get satisfying and safe results!


First off; Non-invasive and Surgery Free

This might seem like an obvious thing to state but surgery comes with certain effects during the procedure and after that are less than ideal. Scarring, possibilities of complications, recovery period, rehabilitation, and more are a typical part of a surgery. Knee replacements involve cutting an incision into the knee and both bones that make up your knee joint are sawed down and then fitted with an artificial metal plate. There can be many people for who this isn’t an option for, either medical reasons, allergies, or more.

Anesthesia is a big part of surgery and while great for procedures it can have negative effects especially for patients with medical problems or who are elderly. General anesthesia has shown to have a higher risk of heart and lung problems during knee surgery. In comparison, stem cell procedures require minimal sedation and local anesthesia, which is different than general anesthesia and seen to be much safer.


A Knee Replacement Operation is not Guaranteed to be Successful

Studies have shown that as much as 15-20% of patients are not satisfied with their results after knee surgery. Some 7-15% say they are not satisfied with the pain relief they received while 21-25% are not happy with their activity level. Failure of surgery is always a possibility and with people reporting back dissatisfaction afterward this can be an expensive decision.

Secondary surgery is an option if the first one fails, but this can seriously add up and might not be an option for people much tighter on cash. 6% of knee replacement patients have been seen to need a second corrective surgery after 5 years, and this only increases up to 12% requiring a second surgery after 10 years. 


Knee Surgeries Can be 5 to 10 Times More Expensive Compared to Stem Cells

An average hospital can find themselves charging past thousands of dollars for a knee replacement in the USA, potentially going up to or past $50,000. Depending on your insurance they can cover anywhere from half or less of that amount. Because pricing is not so transparent you might find with some research that prices range hugely even in the same city or area. 

The pricing can include the hospital stay (potentially 2 or 3 days), surgery costs, operating room, implant cost, drugs and anesthesia, and maybe even physical therapy for afterward. If you think about the time you have to take off work, and after rehabilitation costs, this can really add up to be quite the expense.


Ready to Stop Your Osteoarthritis in its Tracks?

By taking advantage of stem cell technology and its non-invasive, successful and safe treatment process you can fight against your knee pain with confidence. Call (281) 475-6656 today to talk with us about how you can use stem cells to successfully treat your osteoarthritis!

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