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Elbow Injuries
  • December 8, 2020
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Regenerative Revival is dedicated to alleviate joint and tendon aggravation through our non-invasive and progressive stem cell treatments. We prioritize client safety, proper procedure protocols and technical advancement in stem cell research so that all our clients can have a positive experience.

Regenerative Revival has been the revolutionary knee pain treatment center in The Woodlands, Texas for thousands of satisfied clients that have suffered inflammatory and degenerative conditions. 

The older we get, the older our joints and knees get. Joint and knee pain can be excruciating, especially if you have osteoarthritis and are enduring excruciating pain. Luckily, you can be relieved of your pain through our non-invasive stemcell treatment. 


The Progressive Process

Stem cells are specialized cells that respond to signals from other cells in the body and find the inflamed areas. They further travel to the location and begin repairing damaged tissue. Stem cell operations are minimally invasive while producing positive results.

Due to chronic wear and tear, the shoulder tendons can eventually erode their cartilage, however, adult stem cells can be harvested from the patient’s fatty tissue composed of adipose and bone marrow and compose with a proper injection to ease the shoulder damage. Through expert separation, consolidation and preparation, the stem cell injection produces positive results. 

Stem cell treatments can reduce the sharp pains endured caused by disintegration of tendons, joints and cartilage by quickly increasing the blood flow to the affected area and regenerating healthy cells in place. 

Shoulder related swelling and tennis elbow are the most common injuries that our treatments can positively improve and research has shown faster recovery time compared to traditional, invasive surgeries.


What Are The Benefits of a Stem Cell Shoulder Procedure?

The procedure takes approximately 3 hours, does not require a general anesthetic and is conducted in an outpatient setting. Compared to shoulder replacement surgery, a patient only needs one to two days before returning to work and daily activity and a maximum of 12 week recovery time for sports and other intense movements. 

Regenerative Revival only works with clinically approved products that minimize the negative effects of conventional shoulder and knee surgeries. 


Shoulder Pain Doctor in The Woodlands

Shoulder-related impairments are one of the most common sport injuries and can potentially have a lasting negative effect resulting in surrounding regions. Rotator cuff problems arise from shoulder dislocations, fractures and contusions and causes weakness, stiffness, severe pain and numbness. 

While shoulder injuries can be extremely painful, stem cell procedures have been a positive alternative to rotator cuff and shoulder replacement surgery. Our experienced shoulder pain doctors in the Woodlands can mitigate the negative effects of shoulder related injuries through our FDA-approved stem cell treatments.


Tennis-Elbow Injury

If you are experiencing pain in your upper forearm, tenderness when applying pressure to the area, elbow pain when carrying something or varying types of arm pain throughout your day, you may be experiencing tennis elbow. 

More frequently found in tennis players, tennis elbow can also occur in patients that do not play tennis at all.

Tennis-elbow stem cell procedures have been proven to produce a much quicker recovery time with patients reporting less postoperative pain in comparison to the alternative surgeries. 


Injuries Can Be Rapidly Alleviated

Regenerative Revival aims to alleviate chronic conditions and negative joint, tendon and connective tissue problems through our  quality stem cell treatments. While body pain is unavoidable as we get older, body pain relief can quickly mitigate it.

To get a free consultation with one of our stem cell expert and relieve your negative symptoms, contact us at (281) 475-6656


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