Jonathan (Intra-Muscular)

“I ripped my pectoral muscle over a year before getting stem cell treatment. I tried everything, and nothing was working. I had lost all of my strength in the area and was constantly in pain. 3 months after treatment, I experienced zero pain and my strength gains are coming back every session. It’s been a lifesaver and I highly recommend it!”

Charles (Knee Treatment)

Mr. Charles is very happy with his treatment, he feel much better. Noticing the ability to do every day things without complications. Which was was one of his goals. Mr. Charles feels has gotten a lot of mobility in his knee from this treatment. He waiting for his 6 month follow up!

Tim (Knee Treatment)

Mr. Tim he feels like he can walk straight again, and he does feel he is getting better and better. He is waiting to see how much better he is in 6 months.

Taylor (Joint Treatment)

Mr. Taylor is feeling pretty good, the inflammation did reduce – a little tight but Mr. Taylor is starting to be more active – he is hoping to see more improvement as time goes on.

Stan (Knee)

Mr. Springer – Feels better, easier to move. He didn’t have to do any other extensive procedures. Mr. Springer would encourage people to look into Stem Cell treatment, He would recommend us to anyone at any time.

Mildred (Hip)

Mrs. Mildred – Happily stated that she is in LESS pain hip, and is feeling relief and stability in walking. She says to just “Do It” get treated, She highly recommends it.

David (Neuropathy)

Mr. David feels his Neuropathy has greatly imporoved. He is shocked by the percent of improvement – he would give it an 80% improvement rating. To him Stem Cell treatment has diminished his pain, it is a progressive, positive experience. He would and has recommended us to others!

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