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Amniotic Tissue Matrix is a highly beneficial resource harvested from our own bodies that can be useful in reconstructive surgeries. At times, it can be a mystery on where it comes from and what its exact effects are. Despite this, we at Regenerative Revival have all the answers you seek about it. 

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We’ll go over what makes up an Amniotic Tissue Matrix and the benefits of treatments involved with this wonderful product. We’ll give you a solid case on why it’s right for doctors and the patients receiving them. 


What is Amniotic Tissue Matrix?

Medical professionals often ask what exactly is an Amniotic Tissue Matrix and where does the tissue come from. Essentially, it is a minimally manipulated human tissue allograft derived from the extracellular matrix of the human body’s amniotic membrane. This membrane is acquired from consenting mothers in normal full births in the Caesarian section. 

Amniotic tissue is processed to preserve important cytokines, growth factors in the body, and scaffolding proteins in the body’s amniotic membrane. Much of it is used for homologous purposes and can be a key ingredient to repairing damaged limbs, joints, or other conditions. 

Amniotic tissue is also dispersed as a special fluid containing over 225 growth factors and other natural nutrients. These beneficial growth factors contain strong anti-inflammatory characteristics that accelerate healing by promoting cellular proliferation and collagen formation in the body.


How Does Amniotic Tissue Work?

The Amniotic Tissue Matrix is applied to a specific injured area in the body through a minimally invasive, small incision. Following one or two weeks after the procedure, a patient’s body will gradually start feeling more progressive and flexible. Significant pain relief is typically reached in around six to eight weeks.

The procedure is a safe alternative to taking steroids or HGH or undergoing surgery. Amniotic Tissue Matrix are often used in connection with PRP therapy and are a great benefit to those who work outside a lot of athletes playing competitive sport. 

Since this matrix tissue is created to stimulate healing through an inflammatory response, anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin should not be taken because they can interfere with the body’s healing process.


More About the Amniotic Fluid Injection (AF)

Amniotic Fluid is compromised of a potent mix of cytokines, collagen, elastin ad growth properties that generate a cellular level matrix that is known to reduce inflamed and scarred tissue. We find that AF is full of these healing properties which help the system with decreasing pain and stimulating the reconstruction of damaged tissue.


What Are the Benefits of Amniotic Tissue? 

One of the benefits of Amniotic Tissue Matrix is that it’s readily available because it is often discarded after childbirth. The use of this tissue has no added risk to the fetus or mother, eliminating any ethical concerns in harvesting embryonic stem cells. 

Another benefit is added safety. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides strict criteria for amniotic tissue. To meet criteria, the tissue has to be minimally manipulated and for homologous use. You cannot combine it with other cells or tissues and the tissue has to have a localized effect in vivo.

These processes make the tissue available to be commercialized, as long as it is not marketed as a stem cell product or that it contains viable cells. Moreover, amniotic tissue has been used for over a century for burn and chronic wound patients, who experienced very favorable outcomes with no adverse side effects or conditions. 


Treat Your Knee Pain at a Trusted Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in the Woodlands Texas

As you can see and evaluate from the information we have provided, the benefits of utilizing Amniotic Tissue Matrix for your patients’ needs far outweigh the disadvantages. The process to administer this great product is simple and effective and the patient will experience a smoother, faster road to recovery. 

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