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  • January 5, 2021
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Male sexual dysfunction prevents men and their partners from enjoying satisfying sexual relations. Regenerative Revival is a reputable erectile dysfunction treatment center that serves clients in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas to help men rediscover their healthy sexual performance through Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment.

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse has caused Erectile Dysfunction to discourage men from sexually performing at their peak. Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED is the progressive, non-invasive method in helping men overcome disappointing sexual performance.

Regenerative Revival is medically equipped to treat each client with the utmost respect and privacy as we work with industry professionals to help you achieve peak sexual success. 


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Regenerative Revival is committed to helping men rediscover their healthy sexual performance through our progressive Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments. ED does not have to be an accepted part of getting older; while it is more common for older men to require more sexual stimulation to maintain an erection, men of all ages can experience erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction affects over 50% of men during the course of their lifetime, prominently because there is a lack of healthy blood flow to the penis. ED can be caused by several factors including:

Neurological Disorders: Damaged nerves that have stopped sending impulses due to a stroke, diabetes and other numerous nerve-crippling conditions.

Chronic Illness: Obesity, Parkison’s Disease and Metabolic syndrome hinder healthy blood to the penis, resulting in poor sexual performance.

Psychological States: Any ongoing stress, depression and a lack of self-confidence lead to performance anxiety that causes a loss of erection.

Vascular Disease: Hardening of the arteries has a direct correlation to the narrowing blood flow to the penis. 


Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

Acoustic Wave Therapy consists of low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT) that has been used to improve healthy blood flow. LiSWT is a non-invasive treatment that repairs and strengthens blood vessels in the penile area to help generate improved erections and performance. 

LiSWT employs the use of targeted high-energy sound waves to stimulate cells to continually send blood flow to the penis, successfully managing ED symptoms. Acoustic Wave Therapy targets the plaque that has accumulated over time in the blood vessels, replacing the infertile cells with fresh ones for enhanced sexual performance. 

A licensed physician uses a wan-like device to project mild shockwaves to the penis to promote the growth of new blood vessels. Researchers have reported that LiSWT has resulted in significant sexual performance improvements and positive penile blood flow.


How Long Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Last?

Each Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment lasts about 15 minutes, with clients returning for treatments once a week for six weeks. No anesthesia is necessary and the clients can return to their daily activities immediately, as there is a non-invasive and painless procedure. 

The benefits of LiSWT can remain viable for a year, with 95% of men seeing instant results. Each treatment varies from $290 to $450.

Alternatively, other Erectile Dysfunction treatments require a long recovery time and aftercare prescriptions to alleviate the negative symptoms. Penile injections, vacuum pumps, over-the-counter pills and suppositories can have positive sexual performance effects but can cause temporary penile pain. 


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Center in The Woodlands

Regenerative Revival is a highly-skilled and knowledgeable medical establishment that specializes in areas revolving around Erectile Dysfunction. We continually choose to find the best solution to your individual problem and serve advice and guidance to all of our patients.

We offer a free consultation to all clients. To contact us for further information, please call us at (281) 475-6656 

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